Using access keys/shortcuts/function keys in PowerBrowser on MC55



I am attempting to get an already existing web app to run on the PocketBrowser 3.0 on a Motorola MC55. I want to have a shortcut so a user can go immediately to a certain button by pressing some combination of keys, like Alt-1.


This works fine in ordinary browsers setting the accessKey property on the button: HTML DOM accessKey Property


Is this supposed to work on the PocketBrowser? I found a website which said that it supposedly supports the accessKey attribute, but if it does I can't for the life of my figure out what keys I'm supposed to press. "Blue key" followed by 1?


In an old document (, page 17) I read that you can bind JavaScript events to a keypress. I could use this as a workaround, but I have to know the hex code of the keys. Is this available anywhere?


In the PocketBrowser's config file there are settings like "EnableFunctionKey_F1" (Rhomobile | RhoElements Configuration Settings , Rhomobile | KeyCapture Module), can I use this somehow? Again it seems like I need to know the hex codes.


Thanks in advance.