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    How can I "sticky" load balance Rhconnect connections




      I have two primary Rhoconnect stacks installed installed at two sites.  For fail-over purposes, I have a stand-by of each rhoconnect stack at its opposite site.


      Site ASite B
      Primary App Server APrimary App Server B
      Primary REDIS APrimary REDIS B
      Standby App server BStandby App Server A
      Slave REDIS BSlave REDIS A


      In addition to needing to promote the Slave instances of REDIS to masters, we are wanting to use a load balancer to fail-over the application servers to their stand-by.


      The other issue is that I want to be able to use load balancing to route a user to either app server A or app server B in a sticky (but not permanent) fashion.


      I was looking at allowing my load balancer using the rhoconnect_session cookie value to do this.  It seems to be sent with every call following the login.  The problem I have is that if the user logs out and back in, the session cookie does not seem to be sent along with the (second) login.  This in itself isn't hugely surprising, but what is odd is that the response to that second log in includes the rhoconnect_session id that was used previously.  I can't understand how it can do that - the only thing I think it could've used to identify me was my userid - which might be shared over devices (might it not?).


      Anyway if anyone can explain to me how this works or how they've achieved a similar load balanced scenario (not sharing a REDIS instance), I'd be most grateful.


      Many thanks