How Datawedge profile add programmatically in xamarin?


We have a mobile application developed for Motorola MC40 devices to scan barcodes by using a DataWedge profile. Currently this DataWedge Profile is created manually. Since this is troublesome, we are in a process of automating the DataWedge profile creation. For application development we use Xamarin Studio with C#.NET development. The approach we use is "AutoImport" funactionality in DataWedge application. The mobile application copies "datawedge.db" file (exported and stoed in a known location) to ~/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport path during application initialization by using "FileStream Copy" and DataWedge application is supposed to pickup the file automatically and create the relavant profiles.The mobile application copies the file to correct location, but DataWedge application does not import it and create profiles. If the MC40 device is restarted after the file copy, DataWedge detects it and create the profiles. Also if the datawedge.db file is copied manually, DataWedge picks it up immediately and create the profiles.

We also referred to below discussions but could not found the correct approach to solve the issue.

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Re: How to create DataWedge profile programatically

ET1 Datawedge profile add programaticaly ,
It is greatly Appreciated if you could provide some insight into this issue.