how copy files between android & windows?



Using android EMDK, have windows mobile development background.


In the windows mobile world client collects data from mobile computer then wants to get file to desktop computer I use RAPI/Activesync to copy file(s).


In the android world it seems if the handheld computer supports USB mass storage I can copy the file(s) like from a removable disk drive. However it seems newer android devices no longer have the mass storage option and only support MTP.


On the desktop I'm developing using the .NET framework and for some reason there's no .NET MTP functionality so it's not straightforward to use MTP.


Is there no other way to copy file(s) between android and windows? I'm surprised this issue isn't more common since in our industry isn't there still a lot of clients who don't have wireless connectivity for ex. at remote sites?


How does everyone copy file(s) between android and windows in our industry?


is there such thing as a Motorola Ethernet cradle for android and one would install a hub and use networking ex. web service to transfer files to a windows desktop?


Perhaps clients in our industry have started adopting more wireless and it's now OK to assume they have it and use networking functionality?


Any insight appreciated.


Thank you kindly,