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    When I start to install MRS...

    selva ganapathy

      When I start to install the MRS suite 4.1, After agreeing to install, the setup shows "select components to install" , where the eighth check box denotes the "Ruby, RubyGems, Rhodes, RhoConnect and Adapters" package.


      In this setup, Ruby 1.8.7 and RubyGems 1.3.7 are available. But I already installed and use Ruby 1.9.3 and RubyGems 1.8.28 in the dir, C:/Ruby193.


      If I agreed the default options in the MRS suite setup, I ll install Ruby and RubyGems again in the dir "C:/Program Files/RhoMobile Suite 4.1.x". What I want to do in this situation as a fresher?

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Selva,

          It is not MRS suite.It is RMS suite.

          Don't worry. RMS use default Ruby installed at C:/Program Files/RhoMobile Suite 4.1.x. It won't affect C:/Ruby193.



          Visnupriya R
          Kutir Mobility

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              selva ganapathy


              Sound is good.


              Is RMS 4.1.x using Ruby 1.8.x?

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                  Jon Tara

                  There are two Rubies involved. Rhodes uses Ruby in the "build" environment. Ruby has to be available on your desktop machine in order to build projects. It will work with Ruby 1.8.x or 1.9.x, but not 2.x yet. (Some evidence that it might work with 2.x if you add the iconv gem, but 2.x is not supported.). This is mainly because Rhodes uses rake as it's "make" tool.


                  I recommend using the latest 1.9.3-p547.


                  On OSX, I'd recommend using rvm to manage your Ruby installation(s). There are similar tools for Windows.


                  The other Ruby is the one actually used in the apps. It is embedded within the Rhodes Gem. For most target platforms, this is 1.9.2. (Useful to know when reading documentation.) It has nothing to do with the Ruby used to build projects, Gems you add to your desktop are not available within Rhodes applications, etc. But for some target platforms, it might be some other Ruby - I haven't really kept track of that, but might be jRuby in some cases...

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                selva ganapathy

                Why do we use the DevKit with Ruby? RMS suite 4.1.x also has lower version DevKit installation file at its components list to install. I've already the DevKit in "C:/Ruby193/" dir.

                When I may have installed the DevKit required by RMS suite setup. My computer will have two different version of DevKits in different directories.


                Are those correct? or Any option to correct it?


                Dear Rho-experts, Could you clarify my doubt?