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I was on the support page and wanted to download the GMS image for the TC55. All the files appear to be there except for the recovery update package, T55N0JGMVRUEN17400.zip. It appears to me that this is the main image I need to do the upgrade. Can someone let me know how I can get a hold of this zip file?

Pietro Francesc...
Hi John,Access to this is

Hi John,

Access to this is image is restricted to the user having a valid service contract. In Some region TC55 is sold with two year of service included (in Europe&Africa for example), so the access is restricted but free.

To get the system image, you need to contact the Motorola support, as stated on the support site:

If you require access to OS files for TC55 1.74 GMS you can

call the local Support Desk  or contact the Technical assistance Center to open a request at 


and provide following information:

  1. a. Site ID
  2. b. Serial #(s)
  3. c. Phone #
  4. d. Customer name (First and Last)
  5. e. E-mail address


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