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    How to trigger Android number keyboard's next button event or use numberDecimal keyboard directly in ET1?

    Nick Peng

      I have three questions.


      1.I use <input type="number"> but click next button for android numeric keyboard not work.

      (a)not close keyboard

      (b)not trigger event,not get keycode by javascript when click next button in android number softkeyboard, so I don't close android number softkeyboard.

      How to trigger click next button and close keyboard from javascript?


      2.I see from http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/controls/text.html

      I want to set a custom action button label in rhomobile, but I don't know how to work.(Change 'Next' button to 'Go' button)


      3.Android EditText inputType=“numberDecimal” how to use this input type in rhomobile view.