USB Driver problem ET1N0

Hi everybody, I'm trying to transfer files between my pc and the ET1N0 but I don't have access to the SDcard of the tablet. I have installed the  Android USB Driver v1.1 and  then Android USB Driver v1.2, so I can see it like an "Android Device" in the "Device Manager" of Win7 and I can run aplications from the sdk, but I don't have access to the tablet's memory. So I have to take out the SD card and put on my pc to transfer any file.

Is anything that I can do to fix it? 


Thanks for your help.


Daniel Narváez

Peter Arcuri
In addition to the remote

In addition to the remote display feature, I'm using the "Mobile Explorer" feature of MyMobile software to transfer files to/from the platforms. You can download myMobiler for Android at this location:

Here is a snapshot of Mobile Explorer:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.28.36 AM.png

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