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    Camera sync using a plugin

    Tahir Zamir



      Using RhoStudio 4.1.0.


      I have successfully synced photos using a rhoconnect source adapter.


      I have had some strange behaviour with source adapters and our current solution uses a rhoconnect plugin which I have found to be more stable.  However, I'm struggling to implement syncing of photos using a rhoconnect plugin. 


      On performing a sync, rhoconnect reports the following error:-


      undefined method `store_blob' for #<Rhoconnect::Model::DynamicAdapterModel ....


      'store_blob' is defined in the images_controller which is exactly the same as how it was done using a source adapter.


      I have tried moving the method into the Image class but I still get the same error.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?