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    MSP Agent is running by default on TC55


      On TC55, I found that an MSP agent is running always in the background.

      It is possible to stop the servicem but after a reboot it is running again.

      Is it possible to deactivate the agent permanently ?

      Will it cause any network traffic, especially in case RD client is used before to install a Mobicontrol agent ?

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          Allan Herrod

          While the MSP Agent Service is running by default, it will and, indeed CANNOT communicate to anything unless/until you configure it to be able to do so, by using Staging.  There are two parts to this.  First, it would need to know the information about how to contact a Relay Server.  By default, it does not have such information and hence could not, and would not even attempt, to access a Relay Server.  If you perform Staging, then you would generally define a Relay Server since you would need to pull content from it.  Once that is done, the MSP Agent Service WOULD know the information needed to contact a Relay Server and hence would in theory be able to do so.  But the MSP Agent Service WILL NOT contact the Relay Server unless it is explicitly directed to do so, either by performing Staging, or by configuring the MSP Agent to check-in periodically, by applying a Agent.30 Settings Object.  Unless the MSP Agent has been configured to check-in periodically, it will not originate a connection to the Relay Server "on its own". 

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            Hello Allan,


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