EMDK - Why is the Samples folder deleted towards the end of the installation process?

Good afternoon,


Although the EMDK for C v2.7 installation process against my Windows 7 32-bit box gracefully completed, I noticed the "C:\Program Files\Motorola EMDK for C\v2.7\Samples" folder got deleted

- after the dialog box showing the "Removing backup files" message was closed down

- and before the final dialog box poped up - I.e the one reading "Setup has finished installing Motorola EMDK for C v2.7 on your computer"

Installation - screenshot 1.jpg

Installation - screenshot 2.jpg

If interested, I have captured (*.AVI) the entire installation process.


Note: such behavior is not observed when installing the EMDK against a Windows XP 32-bit box.


I do thank you for your attention and look forward to reading from you.

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