Reopen Application Problem

Hello all,


I'm new to windows mobile and I have a problem to reopen my application during a message box.


If I press the hardware-ok-button to minimize the app during normal forms, it works perfectly fine to reopen the app in the window "Running Programs". But if the app shows a message box (created by "CreateWindow(..)") and then I minimize it, it can't get reopened. Only the title of the messagebox is shown in the upper left corner. If I want to open the app again, i have to shut down the task and start it from the beginning.


Of course there is something wrong with the code and it's not a general problem. It's a huge app and I didn't write it, so my question is: Did somebody experienced similar behaviour or/and know where to search for the mistake in the code?


I hope somebody can help me with this problem.



Benedict Bömmerl