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    Build with 5.0 - can build when offline?

    Jon Tara

      With 5.0 command line build, you get this:


      **** NOTE ****************************************************************************************************

         In order to use Rhodes framework you need to log in into your rhomobile account.

         If you don't have account please register at https://app.rhohub.com/To stop build just press enter.


      Login to cloud build system

      Username: ^Crake aborted!


      This concerns me.


      Can I build on an airplane, with no connectivity? Can I build on a boat in the middle of the ocean without needing an expensive satellite connection? (or in an RV in a remote location...). This concerns one of my co-developers!


      I don't need to build using the cloud. But I guess some sort of authentication is needed even to build locally. Is the authentication cached so that one does not have to be online in order to build?


      Large bits of Linux were created completely off-line. It's one of the major considerations in the design of git, for example.


      I see you can login (at least on the website) with GitHub or Google credentials. Will that work for command-line build?


      Comment: the command-line prompt encourages weak passwords or putting passwords in scripts. This seems awkward for many developers.


      Edit: apparently it downloads some files and modifies/adds them to your installed Rhodes Gem. Not sure if this is one-time or not. Some more information would be helpful. I have some concern about this. I don't like mysterious things happening "in the cloud" without explanation.