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    Is there a way to use notification/statusbar functionality, wihtout using any push/sync engine ?

    Gert Vandelaer

      Hi all,


      I don't use push, just client pulling scheduled info from webservices .. I'd like however for the user to be notified in statusbar/notification_section of device, when the app is in the background.


      I read through the "push" sections of the rhomobile docs (i'm using latest git 5.0 branch), but the notifs are all linked to push functionality, which I'm not using.


      Also, ho.Notification.showPopup/showStatus is no alternative, because it's main purpose is ofcourse to notifiy user when app is in background.  "beep/vibrate" works fine, but I don't understand why I cannot display a message in the notification/Statusbar section of the device ?


      grtz & thnx