JS Remote debug for SB1 ?

Hi the community,

first post here, so here's my context. I'm developing a full HTML5/JS with jQueryMobile on SB1 using plain HTML/JS FrontEnd with LAMP backend.


As I'm encountering some issues with debugging JS upon asl interface (accessing the scanner interface BTW) I tried to integrate some tools such as Weinre[1] for remote debugging. Weinre is great, providing DOM inspection, JS console, network activity  (for the main purpose) but lacks of real debugging mechanisms (breakpointing w or w/o breakpointing). This cannot be done easily on a remote target, the target itself should provide some JS debugging interface (I mean JS interface for JS debugging control) for such a feature. I did not read anything on this (tried googling on it but ... found nothing interesting). For main development, such as screens, standard processing etc... I use FF+Firebug, but on ASL things I cannot do it anymore


example :

function myfunction(){

// Yeah you know this code if you read SB1 blog


scanner.decodeEvent = 'decodeEvent(%json)';





I cannot breakpoint in myfunction() on remote as this function could only be called on remote. I just know that, at a certain point (i.e. when "document is loaded" my scanner.decodeEvent var is set with 'decodeEvent(%json)'... But I cannot stop before the "scanner.decodeEvent = 'decodeEvent(%json)';" line as I'd like to.


I would like to breakpoint at some callbacks provided by ASL script (scanning events BTW)  strictly on the SB1 target. So here (finally) comes my question :

Do you know any way to perform such a thing ? What are your favorite tool for remote debugging ? (Please pay attention to the fact I don't use RhoThings -at dev side-, it's plain old JS from scratch)


Finally, please, pardon my french!



[1]Remote Debugging Your RhoMobile Javascript - YouTube