ReaderParams.illumination_mode won't setup in EMDK 2.1

Hi everyone,


I'm creating and applying new DataCapture profile like this:

this.profileManager = (ProfileManager)emdkMgr.getInstance(FEATURE_TYPE.PROFILE); this.profileConfig = new ProfileConfig(); profileConfig.dataCapture.barcode.scanner_input_enabled = ENABLED_STATE.TRUE; profileConfig.dataCapture.barcode.scannerSelection = DEVICETYPES.INTERNAL_CAMERA1; profileConfig.dataCapture.barcode.readerParams.illumination_mode = ILLUMINATION_MODE.ON; profileConfig.dataCapture.barcode.readerParams.picklist = PICK_LIST.CENTERED; profileConfig.profileName = this.profile_name;   ... (other minor settings, such as data formatting options)   this.profileManager.processProfile(profileConfig.profileName, ProfileManager.PROFILE_FLAG.SET, this.profileConfig);


All the settings seems to be applied (checked from DataWedge app). Scanner is set to Camera, pick-list is activated, but illumination is always OFF, no matter what mode I set in code.

From DataWedge app it sets up correctly (in the same profile).

Also, profile created this way can't be read using ProfileManager.PROFILE_FLAG.GET. Results show "SUCCESS", but no data is transferred to ProfileConfig.


Looks more like a bug than the feature for me.

Any ideas on workaround? Thanks.