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    Simulscan Demo not working on TC55

    Kenneth Haley

      I loaded the new BSP's and it installed fine.  Printed the Manufacturing from but can't scan the manufacturing form.


      When I get closer to the form the green box comes up on the screen but the barcodes do not fit into the green box.  When I pull back to get the barcodes on the form to fit into the view finder the green box goes away.


      Any suggestions.

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          Anu Kannan



          The goal is to hold still once you see the largest green box on the display. Please hold still once you see the green box and the barcodes should be decoded.

          It's best the green border frames the form's outer boundaries in case of a structured document. However, for barcodes-only target, framing the boundary is not really required. So long as you see all the barcodes inside the green box, you should be fine.


          There's a tutorial video posted on Launchpad that walks the user through this framing and capturing process that might be of help to you : https://launchpad.motorolasolutions.com/DPX/DPX%20Animation.mp4


          If you still face issues, please let me know. The device uses the accelerometer to sense if you're holding the device still or not. We can suggest tuning those settings to help you with better performance/accuracy. These settings are exposed as "auto capture" and "auto capture sensitivity" in the device UI.




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              Kenneth Haley

              I did read the word document and watched the video so I was prepared for that.  The green box only shows up when I am so close that the form boarders are outside of the green box.  When I pull back so that the boarders will fit inside the green box, the green box goes away.  I hold still but it doesn't come back until I move closer to the document.  


              Question how large should the form be?  is it printing larger than it should be?  Its almost as if the camera isn't focusing on the barcodes that far away.

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                  Anu Kannan

                  In the case of the Manufacturing form, the form's borders do not need to be inside the green box. If you see all barcodes inside the green box, that should suffice.

                  Printing the Manufacturing.pdf on a regular A4 sized sheet choosing "Actual size" should be ideal.

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                    Kenneth Haley

                    I adjusted the printer for A4, I didn't see a option for print size, The form is about 3.5 by 6 inches.


                    I can get the green box to come up but it never includes all of the barcodes.   as soon as I pull back to include all barcodes the green box goes away and doesn't come back.


                    The forms folder has XML files in it, do I do anything with those?



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                        Anu Kannan


                        If you're seeing the green box, you're on the right path. Just hold still with the green box visible and you'll see the results screen containing the decoded data appear.

                        Can you please confirm if you can see the decoded data results or not ?


                        The green box appears to signify the form has been identified. Once you hold still for a second [or less], the actual results will be appear.



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                    Kenneth Haley

                    Just updated to Ver 1.2.2 and now I don't get the green box at all.

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                        Pietro Francesco Maggi

                        Same for me.

                        TC 55 with KK

                        SimulScan Demo 2.3.2

                        SimulScan Engine v1.2.2


                        I can scan the "Postal, Transport & Logistics" form BUT no luck (never seen the green box) using the "Manufacturing" form.


                        I've tried from very close to a distance where I can capture all the image, I've never seen the green box...


                        BTW barcodes are readable using the DWDemo on the same device, but from much closer than what is necessary to take the full image with SimulScan.



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                            Hi Pietro,


                            Thanks for trying out the showcase app. Just some questions and tips to try to identify the cause of the unsuccessful Manufacturing form:

                            -Have you correctly set the use case to "Manufacturing" on the upper right corner? Trying to scan the Manufacturing form using the Postal screen will result in an unsuccessful scan

                            -Try framing the camera viewfinder such that only all the barcodes are on the screen (barcode-only forms do not require any borders)

                            -Is there sufficient lighting? Turn on the flash if used in a low light environment

                            -You mentioned that the barcodes are readable on the device, but closer than the full image. Can they still be read if placed at a distance such that only all the barcodes are on the screen, but not the full image?


                            If any of these tips helped, feel free to let us know what worked for you! If not, if you can include an image of what you see on the screen when the form doesn't work, that will help us debug further.



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                                Pietro Francesco Maggi

                                Thanks Lawrence,

                                yes, lights are on and I'm scanning the right module with the right selection.


                                Tested with all different configurations low-light, full light, flash on/off debug on/off


                                Never seen the green box. Is someone able to make the green box appear on a TC 55 with KK using the Manufacturing form?


                                I'll make a video of my tests so you can help me understand what I'm doing wrongly :-)



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                                    Ana Sanchez

                                    Hi Pietro,


                                    i just followed the steps below and I was able to get the demo working, see if this may help to identify any missing steps:


                                    Started with JB build 1.74

                                    Installed the following from extranet: https://compass.motorolasolutions.com/cgi/go/469953770

                                    • Installed Factory Reset
                                    • Installed Full Package Update
                                    • Installed TC55 Simulscan Enabled

                                    Rebooted device

                                    Started SimulscanDemo app

                                    Selected Manufacturing  template from top right menu

                                    Pressed start Simulscan

                                    The green border comes up (as the people described, the barcodes don’t all fit on the green square)

                                    Within 2-3 seconds I hear the beep and data is on the screen

                                    I also tried postal with same results, it worked fine.


                                    For printing, I left the defaults on the printing (8.5x11, Black/White, Portrait).  Both print outs came on 8.5x11 size.  Postal covers most of the page (came out landscape), Manufacturing is ~ 1/3 of the page, centered (portrait)