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    Android TC55 Laser Barcode Scanner not working

    Bart Fukkink



      We are currently looking into getting our device ready to be deployed on the Motorola TC55. And with that we are running into some issues with Barcode scanning.


      When we use the JS API to start the Barcode scanning with this code:

      Rho.Barcode.take( {}, callback );


      We get 2 errors:

      - "Error setting barcode property: parameter is not recognised"

      - "Failed to enable Scanner"


      After some investigation, it seems to be the scanner with the type "Laser" (that is the default) that gives this problem.

      Rho.Barcode.getDefault().scannerType; // Returns "Laser"


      When we look for the scanner that has a scannerType like "Camera" things seem to work just fine.


      Is anyone else also experiencing this problem? Attached is a small test application that has 4 different ways to start the scanner.


      Some info about this problem that might be of use:

      - It is build using RhoMobile 4.1.

      - Android version: 4.1.2

      - The Laser scanner works when using the DWDemo application


      Does anyone have a way to get the default Laser scanner working on the TC55?