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    How To Datawedge sample App

    Sebastien Laporte

      Hi All,

      I have download the Sample Datawedge

      but what we need to set in Datawedge for use this App?





        • Re: How To Datawedge sample App

          Hi Seb

          I hope you have downloaded the Postal sample app.


          To configure SimulScan,

          1. Copy the relevant SimulScan templates to /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/templates folder.
          2. Open DataWedge
          3. Click on Profile0
          4. Go to SimulScan plug-in and enable it.
          5. Select the Postal template under Templates option.
          6. Scroll to KeyStroke plug-in and disable it.
          7. Scroll to Intent plug-in and set the intent action as "com.example.datawedge.postal"
          8. Set the intent category as "android.intent.category.DEFAULT"
          9. Close DataWedge and Open the sample app.
          10. Press the trigger to start SimulScan ViewFinder
          11. Scan a Postal form.

          You should be able to see the data appear in the sample app.


          If you have any questions please let me know.