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    Is it possible to do the iOS Rake command without output?

    Bart Fukkink

      As the title says, Is it possible to do the rake command: "rake build:iphone:setup_xcode_project" without output?


      We are currently in the process of automating all of our setups in command line files so we can save ourselfes some time when we release our software (Currently we have to build 13 applications, taking about 2,5 hours. With scripts, we are currently on 13 minutes).


      Does anyone know if this is possible?




      (If it is possible, i`ll throw the script up here aswell for those that need it )

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          Jon Tara

          I wouldn't advise dispensing with the output altogether - what if something goes wrong?


          Just redirect it to a file.


          rake .... 2>&1 >some_file.txt


          2>&1 redirects standard error to standard output. Then redirect it all to a file.


          I doubt this will make any difference in timing, though. Producing output on the screen doesn't take any appreciable time. Rhodes builds are VERY much CPU-bound in the C Compiler. What does it take to speed up a Rhodes build? All the CPU you can throw at it, not eliminating build output.


          Unclear if you mean 13 minutes total, or 13 minutes per application? What hardware are you building on? I get about 3 minutes on a Mac Mini and we've a pretty large app.

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              Bart Fukkink

              Hello Jon,


              The only reason I ask this for is to keep the message for the person that will make those setup files clean. He doesn't really care what goes wrong, as long as he sees a message that something went wrong. I know this has next to no effect on speeding up the process, but that is also not what we are after.


              And about those timings, our total "release procedure" time went down by about 2 hours. Where we first had to manually set all the certificates to the right customer (Since we use Enterprise Distribution, we need a setup file for each customer), we can now click on a .command file and it will create the setup file for the customer with the correct certificates and provisioning profiles.


              Your sollution removes some of the output, but still a lot of text comes flying by. Do you have any other ideas how to solve this?