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    Exit Application and View Log in Windows Phone

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      This is the code I have in my application.rb :


        def initialize

          # Tab items are loaded left->right, @tabs[0] is leftmost tab in the tab-bar

          # Super must be called *after* settings @tabs!

          @tabs = nil

          #To remove default toolbar uncomment next line:

          #@@toolbar = nil




            "Go Home" => :home,

            "Get Latest Data" => "/app/Link/seeds",

            "Refresh View" => :refresh,

            "About" => "/app/Link/about",

            "View Log" => :log,

            "Exit Application" => :exit



      Whereas "View Log" and "Exit Application" works in WM, BB, Android, the same does not in WP. "View Log" does nothing, and "Exit Application" gives me this error :



      404 Not Found.

      The file /exit was not found.


      Any workarounds for the above for WP?