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    GPS will not start on TC55

    Rob Geraedts

      Our Rho app automatically activates the GPS after the user logs in. On all Android devices (Samsung, HTC, Wolfgang) this works fine. However, on our TC55 devices, GPS is sometimes not activated.

      It happens not always. After testing, I get the impression that when GPS is set to factory settings (TC55 settings menu), the Rho app is not able to activate it.

      I've installed another Android GPS app on the device and I can "prove" that this app starts GPS immediately (showing the GPS symbol in the status bar). If I start the Rho app immediately after this, the Rho app fails to start GPS.

      As stated, this does not happen all the time. My feeling is that if GPS has been on and if there has been a fix, then our Rho app WILL start the GPS. Logging shows that we set the callback and it should start with that.

      Now, the interesting part is, that it is possible to activate GPS on the TC55 in the following way:
      - Start Rho app and login (sw should activate GPS, but GPS icon does not appear in the status bar)
      - Goto the TC55 device settings and disable GPS,  then enable GPS again
      - Now, GPS is activated and the GPS icon appears in the status bar on the TC55

      although everything looks fine, now. GPS is not able to get a fix. We have to quit the app (close GPS), and restart again. Now the app starts GPS and is able to get a fix.


      As stated, this is only happening on the TC55. No other Android device we have, has the same trouble.


      Ideas, anyone?



      Rob Geraedts