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    SB1 voice recognition

    Nicolas Etienne



      is it possible to use (which one if so) a recognition engine or something like that with the SB1 ? (as it has a PTT module)

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          Daniel Silva

          I don't think the device would have enough power to do this internally, but I think you might be able to use the audiocapture API to capture the audio, send it to a server to process, and get some result back.

          Rhomobile | AudioCapture Module


          I used the below code to test this and it worked using FTP. I was not able to get the code as shown on the docs to work.  It seems like there may be a parsing issue with colons.

          function getaudio(){

            audioCapture.duration = '10000';

            audioCapture.audioSaveEvent = 'showresult(%json)';

            audioCapture.username = 'dan';

            audioCapture.password = 'test';

            audioCapture.source = "\\RE_AudioCapture.wav";

            audioCapture.destination = "url('')"



          function showresult(jsonObject){