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    Cannot "Beep the Beeper"


      Problem: Using Windows SDK, I am unable to get scanner to respond to SET_ACTION (6000) method..."Beep the Beeper". The return status is 0 indicating success, but no beep.



      OS = Win7 Pro(32)

      Scanner = Symbol LS3578-FZ

      CoreScanner version = Motorola Scanner SDK 2.3.2 API

      Mode = IBM-Hand-Held USB



      While the C++ application can detect and retrieve asset tracking info, it cannot "Beep the Beeper" either. Although, it says it completes successfully.

      I watched the help videos on YouTube.

      I also tried the 2018 method with the same result.

      I noticed that the cradle shows up as Scanner ID = 1 with a GUID while the actual scanner is ID = 2 with no GUID?


      Any help as to what I am doing incorrectly would be greatly appreciated.