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    Next step, create a custom demo...

    Pietro Francesco Maggi

      I've got the attached document from a customer, created an XML file, and I'm now trying to load it on a TC55 KK.


      Whatever I do, when I select the image to load the image or the logo from the SDCard, the app froze and I get an ANR. Tried with and without SDCard, not much luck.

      The guide is not much of an help in this case.


      Any specific file format?

      for the image I've used the PNG that I created for the template builder, the logo is just a random jpg.


      Any idea of what is going wrong?



        • Re: Next step, create a custom demo...

          Hi Pietro,


          We took a look at this issue on our end and came up with the following:

          -Issue occurs on KK devices due to new "Documents" view that comes up instead of "Gallery". The app wasn't able to understand the return result of items chosen in the Documents view.

          -Fix will be issued in next release (SimulScan V1.3, Showcase App V2.3.4). The fix will show the Gallery instead of the Documents view (makes sense since we're only choosing images anyway).

          -Workaround for now is to to click on the upper left corner menu of the Documents view, then click on "Gallery", then choose your image from there.


          Let us know if the above works on your end.