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    iOS8/XCode 6.0.1

    Jon Tara

      Share your experience building Rhodes apps for iOS8 using Xcode 6.0.1.


      I am able to build for hardware and install on device. I can build for simulator, but iOS simulator does not start. Have not been able to open simulator using technique that worked for last iOS rollout (7) by opening simulator, then navigating to app and "open in running application" (iOS simulator).


      Note I normally build with command-line, so imagine that an Xcode GUI build would open the simulator properly.


      Note: I'll file an issue on opening the simulator.

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          Jon Tara

          iOS8 Simulator does not open from command-line build · Issue #393 · rhomobile/rhodes · GitHub


          Code apparently has been written for this, but does not seem to be present in Rhodes 5.0.2. That is, whatever "Rhodes 5.0.2" means, since the version numbers don't seem to have much meaning of late.


          It is in the git `master` branch, however.


          Update: this code4 was added July 21. I have 5.0.2 dated July 7, so impossible for this to be in current version, unless "5.0.2" has been updated. Re-downloading now to compare the Gems and see if they are identical.


          Verified this is not supported in current RMS 5.0.2. I'll give current `master` a try, but have some concern that it may not be stable.


          Now that iOS8 is released, is it perhaps time for an incremental RMS release?

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              Jon Tara

              Working now.


              You need to build the Gem from the master branch of the repo, or at least some commit that gets you the updates for Xcode 6.


              I also had some problem with my Xcode 6.0.1 installation. I had downloaded from the iOS dev site, and pretty sure it was not a "beta" that I downloaded. But I was not getting any simulators. So then I updated from the App Store, and still had trouble.  I had to make darn sure that bad 6.0.1 was really, really gone - uninstall with hold down until "wiggle" (that's now how you uninstall OSX apps from the App Store - just like on your iPhone). Then move remaining Xcode.app to trash. Then delete the trash. Then reboot. Then install Xcode 6.0.1 from App Store. Otherwise, bits want to stick around, Zombies rising from the trash!