WEC 7 + RDP + Windows Server 2013



we have big trouble with RDP connection from MC92 with WEC 7 to Windows Server 2013.

As RDP client we use cetsc.exe. The connection basically works. It's possible to open a RDP session.

But always the Metro style desktop is shown and we found no way to enter the 'normal' desktop.

If we start an application from Metro style desktop that use the old desktop, this application is covered by metro style view.


Normal behavior of that Windows Server to RDP connects is to show the old desktop. This is  verified by connecting from a desktop PC by using the same account then the MC92 does. No Metro style view is shown here.


Has anyone an idea how to make MC92/WEC 7 -> RDP -> WinServer2013 running with the old, classic desktop?

To use the new RemoteFX is not possibility in this case.


Thanks in advantage