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    How to build an app for MC3190Z using Visual Studio 2008

    Laurie Borlase

      Please help,


      I am a senior (yes i mean older) VB6 programmer charged with creating a stand alone app for 4 new MC3190Z RFID terminals (Windows Mobile 6.5).

      I have worked with the VB_RFID3 sample programs in the EMDK for .NET 2.8 and I have a beta version ready for testing.  The RFID app will not start in the Windows Mobile emulator because it does not support the RFID APIs.


      The environment is Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit.

      Visual Studio 2008 SP1

      Motorola EMDK for .NET 2.8


      I am stumped on how to test and debug the RFID on the terminal.

      I am also stumped on how to deploy the program and/or future updates to the terminals in the field.


      Do you know of any documentation to help rookies like me through their first deployment?


      Thank you.


      Laurie Borlase