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    What happened to RhoElements Shared Runtime

    Robert Galvin

      There used to be a component called the "shared runtime" in RhoElements, is Enterprise Browser replacing it?

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          Robert Galvin

          The RhoMobile Suite 5.0 release removed the “Shared Runtime” portion of RhoElements. Enterprise Browser has been created as a path forward for Shared Runtime customers. Fully backward compatible, Enterprise Browser creates a clear path forward for RE Shared Runtime users AND PocketBrowser users. Enterprise Browser is backward compatible with PocketBrowser 3 APIs - reducing the work for customers’ app migration to new devices and modern technologies.


          For a limited time, RhoElements Shared Runtime customers that have a current maintenance agreement in place will be able to exchange RhoElements licenses free of charge for Enterprise Browser licenses to use on the same device the RhoElements license is being used on.