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    RhoConnect 5 gem not found on rhomobile.com cloud builds? RhoConnect 4 works though. Any ideas why? Has it just not been updated?

    Andrew Haigh


      I've got RhoStudio 5 installed on my own machine (works on windows and macs), but I want to run a RhoConnect server on rhomobile.com and my problem is that it only seems to have the rhoconnect 4.0.0 gem - if i specifiy 5.0.0 or 5.0.2 for example it just fails to build. This is true for my own server, as well as if I just build one with the RhoStudio out-of-the-box wizard.


      If I run my rhoconnect apps/server on my own machines it works no problem; its just on rhomobile.com where the rhoconnect 5.0.0 gem appears to be missing....


      Any solutions? Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      Andrew Haigh