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    Ways to make enterprise app

    nani ismail

      Hello everyone! I want to create simple entreprise app and i was told that i need RhoConnect to make the app done. And i figure out that, there is another way by using Rhodes and website service. Is it true? and how if I have my own server? Can anyone explain to me and how i can use my own server?

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          Jon Tara

          RhoConnect is a way of synchronizing your app's local database with a server. The server can connect to enterprise database(s) or other enterprise applications. There is a client part in the app, and you can install a RhoConnect server that can connect to your enterprise resources.


          Alternately, you can use Rhodes Network API to connect to web services - REST, SOAP, etc. You might do this in order to synchronize your database content, or for other purposes.


          It can take a considerable effort. RhoConnect can be a much easier way.


          IMO, it is not practical to have a Rhodes app connect directly to multiple enterprise services. (They usually aren't exposed to the Internet, anyway, and so you will still need some middleware that you do expose to the Internet.) Use RhoConnect, or create your own "middleware" server along with synchronization code. It's more practical to do without RhoConnect if your synchronization needs are just one-way.


          I currently work on Rhodes apps that synchronize to Dropbox and that also use web services to submit data (from home/commercial building energy audits) for scoring and retrieve results. In the past I've worked on a Rhodes app that syncs a local database of information on attractions and events in a city (tourism app) using a custom backend service. So, it's certainly possible.

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