MC9190 EMDK for C v2.7 issue



I'm not sure I'm at the right place to ask question.... I hope.


I'm developing an application to run on MC9190 WM 6.5.  I'm using the EMDK for C v.2.7.

I'm using the following functions on the following order:






Whenever I scan something my callback function is called.

So I read the buffer information and then restart the event





Now the issue I have is if my app crash (we all hope this never happens but this happens sometime...)

When my app crash, the exe is blocked.  I cannot delete the file neither overwrite it.  If I launch the app back as soon as I call the  SCAN_ReadLabelMsg_W my callback function is called with the E_SCN_READINCOMPATIBLE status.  So it looks like the scanner is still busy with the app that crashed.  When I look at the taskmanager, the app is only listed in the process view.  So it's crashed but not completely.  It looks like it's waiting for something to really stops.  And this is due to the call to the SCAN_ReadLabelMsg_W function. 


Anyone already face this issue?  How can I fix this?