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    PIN Unlock removed after installing EHS on TC55. Bug or feature?

    Pascal Kock

      Hi all,


      I am trying to get the EHS V1.4 configured on the TC55 for a customer project.

      The customer wants to use the security setting in Android where a PIN is required to unlock the TC55 after reboot or period of inactivity.

      I have setup this PIN (4 digits) under Settings -> Security within Android, so I am not using the default "swipe to unlock".


      Now, when I install the EHS V1.4 and reboot the device after the .pdk was installed I have to enter my 4 digit PIN, which is good.

      After entering the PIN the EHS is launched which I set as my default launcher. Fine so far.

      Now I reboot once again and the PIN is gone. I can just unlock with a swipe.


      When I go to the Settings->Security under Android I can see that the PIN has been removed indeed, which must have been done by the EHS application.

      I have checked the XML configuration numerous times and the "Bypass Keyguard" option is disabled. Even when I turn the PIN back on it is removed again

      after the next reboot.


      So, is this a feature or a bug of the EHS and does anyone has any idea or tip how to overcome this?