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    Migrating a 1/4 VGA web app from MC9xxx (PocketBrowser) to ET1 Enterprise Browser

    Chris Sarotte

      Working with a partner and 3rd party software app that was developed to run either: 1) on our MC9xxx mobile computers in 1/4 VGA mode or 2) on an Apple iPod. We're trying to migrate the app to an ET1. The 3rd party software company requested user agent info for the ET1 which we provided, then subsequently they made changes increased their app to now fille about 1/2 the ET1 screen now (vs. 1/4 before). So far, this is all being done in Google Chrome on the ET1. Not sure if it's this simple, but could the PageZoom setting in Config.xml have an impact if we ran this same app in Enterprise Browser instead of Chrome? Thanks, Chris

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          Robert Galvin



          Enterprise Browser on Android uses the Android WebView control (technically different then the actual Chrome browser, but comparable). A good resource for actual behavior of this control is probably better documented on Android's site:


          It is recommended to use standard HTML meta tags as opposed to EB settings in this case because it is standard Webview/Webkit and not our own version of webkit.


          For example, the following <meta> tag specifies that the viewport width should exactly match the device screen's width:


          <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

          Other 'responsive' modern web app design also leverage CSS and media-queries to handle this more efficiently and with greater control (many articles on this subject - but here is one). Most modern UI frameworks have many of  these complexities built into the framework, but in the case of an app that is not using a 3rd party framework, then they should get familiar with the CSS based concepts.

          Hope this helps