Unable to connect to Windows share from MK3190

I am developing an application in C# .net Compact Framework 3.5 for an MK3190. However, I've been experiencing issues with connecting to a networked Windows share. Once prompted for credentials, the connection to the share is never made.


I was able to locate an update for Windows Embedded Compact 7 that referred to an issue with connecting to Windows shares but I'm not sure if this is specific to my problem. (see FIX: A Windows Embedded Compact 7-based device that you connect to a Windows-based computer cannot access an SMB share f…)


I am now attempting to use VS2008 and the Platform Builder to create a new platform with all the updates to hopefully solve the issue with connecting to Windows shares but I hit a roadblock with the BSP or lack thereof. I was able to locate a company called Adeneo that has a BSP available for a price.


Is this the only option or is there another known fix for connecting to Windows shares?