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    Easy sample code to use the RFID reader on MC319Z with Embedded hand held 6.5 current samples for RFID are old and not working on this device

    Maarten Van Reeth

      just an easy sample without any extra's would be great. Just linking the  triggerevent of the scanner button to continiously reading or one reading. current samples i have are unclear.

      i would be using a device MC319Z and thought of using the V2.8 Symbol.All.Arm.Cab.

      current samples are for old Devices and old OS'es (CE5.0 to even CE4.2) even the RFID2 and RFID3 samples

      i think RFID3Sample6 at this moment i can do something with. My device reacts on this code, but the help doesnt give me alot to work with.


      with kind regards,