SB1: Software Keyboard Input & Advanced Settings security

Hi all,


I would like to share my experience on SB1 running OS revision 02.01.39.


There is a new (nice) feature coming with this release => config.keyboardEnabled in file config.js

When set to false, SB1's default soft input keyboard won't show up when an HTML input field get the focus. And this is what I want.

However you will NOT be able to access SB1's advanced settings when you configure these 2 settings as follow in config.js.

  • config.keyboardEnabled = false;
  • config.adminPINrequire = true;


As the software input keyboard is disabled, you can't key in the password to access SB1 advanced settings.


That would be great to have SB1 soft input panel disabled ONLY when in apps and enabled when navigating in the system shell.




Khai-Van PHU