How to RFID tags with a MC9190 or MC3100 handheld??



We're trying to lock some brand new RFID labels with a MC9190 and a MC3100 handhelds, using Motorola's "RFID Demo" software (RFID3Sample6). So far we can lock and unlock the EPC Memory Bank, but only using the factory default password, which is "0" (zero). When we try to change the password we get this error message:

"C1G2LockOpSpecResult failed: Non-specific reader error".


How can I change the Password (Hex)?

Is there any tutorial, help file... with the proper instructions on how to use the RFID Demo software (RFID3Sample6)?

I have this PDF file but it only shows some of the software screen captures, but it doesn't explain the actual software operation, examples, error codes or troubleshooting.