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    Error in build application. Build is terminated.

    Babatunde Oyeyemi

      Hi guys,


      I just re-installed Windows OS on my pc. When I installed RhoStudio and try to build my app for android, I got the error below:

      What should I do?



      PWD: G:\RhodeWS\RhoMobileApplication

      CMD: rake clean:android

      Starting rhodes build system using ruby version: 1.9.3

      %%%_%%% $js_application = false

      %%%_%%% $shared_rt_js_application = false

      %%% Prepare capability header file %%%

      //#define RHO_NO_RUBY

      $app_config['extensions'] : ["coreapi", "json", "externalstorage"]

      $app_config['capabilities'] : []

      Missing or invalid 'android' section in rhobuild.yml: 'C:/android-sdk-windows'

      RET: 1

      build started



      PWD: G:\RhodeWS\RhoMobileApplication

      CMD: rake token:check





      RET: 0



      PWD: G:\RhodeWS\RhoMobileApplication

      CMD: rake cloud:build:android:production

      Connecting to https://app.rhohub.com

      Connecting to https://appstaging.rhohub.com

      rake aborted!

      No such file or directory - git config --get remote.origin.url



      Tasks: TOP => cloud:build:android:production => cloud:build:initialize => cloud:find_app

      (See full trace by running task with --trace)

      RET: 1

      Error in build application. Build is terminated.

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          Glenn Sayer

          looks like you have your build set to build on RhoHub.  When you select to build set the location to local build.

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              Babatunde Oyeyemi

              Hi tvjb47, I did as you said and I think it fixed that but left me with another error as below.

              Can you help?



              Extension build completed

              Building externalstorage: ["G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/extensions/externals

              torage/ext/platform/android", "rake"]

              mkdir -p G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/bin/target/android/debug/extensions/ext


              mkdir -p G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/bin/tmp/externalstorage

              Build extension (arm): externalstorage




              PWD: G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/extensions/externalstorage/ext/platform/and


              rake arch:arm

              cd G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/extensions/externalstorage/ext/platform/andro


              cd ../../..

              rake aborted!

              Don't know how to build task 'G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/bin/tmp/externalst




              Tasks: TOP => arch:arm => G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/bin/target/android/deb


              (See full trace by running task with --trace)

              rake aborted!

              Extension build failed: G:/RhodeWS/RhoMobileApplication/extensions/externalstora




              Tasks: TOP => run:android => run:android:emulator => device:android:debug => pac

              kage:android => build:android:all => build:android:rhobundle => build:android:ex


              (See full trace by running task with --trace)