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    Printing from Android to Zebra Printer over WLAN

    Rajdeep Chowdhuri

      Hi there, I am using a Motorola Device and Zebra QL 320 Plus printer.

      I want to connect the device and the printer over wireless LAN and then print a file after assuring the status of the printer.

      Note :

      1. The file will be received from a web service.

      2. The device must be able to remember the printer it is connected to. (kind of registering the printer to the device)

      Please suggest.



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          Robin West

          Hi Rajdeep,

          I'm not sure how much help you are looking for specifically.  You could do this using native libraries or RhoMobile.  As a LAN connection is likely over TCP, the easiest thing to remember is the IP address of the printer. 

          If the printer and handheld are moving a lot and changing IP addresses, there are several other things you could do to associate them.  You could "register" one of the unique ID's (serial number or MAC address) of the printer or set a friendly name. With some of these, you may have to do a local search for all Zebra devices and query each one till you find the right one.  It depends on the parameter you save and the library you are using to find the printer.

          Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.