Reset MSP Agent on TC55

Hello all,

Just getting started with TC55, leveraging AirWatch to generate barcode enrollments.  My issue is that I generated one, but it wasn't correct.  Now, the MSP Agent won't give me an option to scan barcodes any more to try to reconfigure.  I've installed both the Factory Data Reset and Enterprise Reset packages on the device from Recovery mode, and installed the "Enterprise Enabler" package downloaded from the Support site, but no luck.


Anyone know how to clear the MSP agent configuration so I can try this again?  I really can't imagine that I've somehow "bricked" my TC55.  By "bricked" I just mean the MSP aspect; the OS runs fine on the device and I can mount it on my laptop to copy files, etc (though that was also a bit of a chore, having to install the Moto USB driver first).