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    Camera pictures not displayed in 5.0 - issues with local file URIs [+workaround]

    Arsen Bandurian

      Hi, All.


      I had an app that took camera pictures (incl RhoSimulator via selecting from gallery). It worked fine in 4.x, the logic was as follows:


      >> Ruby controller camera_callback function

      if (@params['status'] == "ok") && @params['image_uri']
        pictureURL = Rho::Application.expandDatabaseBlobFilePath(@params['image_uri'])


      This generates image_uri like db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_16.28.03_-000.JPG

      and pictureURL like C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite5.0.2/workspace/AssetInspector/rhosimulator/db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_16.28.03_-000.JPG


      >> JS View

      function update_pic(url) {
          $("img#asset_pic").attr('src', url || "/public/images/_img_placeholder.jpg");


      Which is the same as the official documentation for 4.1 and 5.0 (Rhomobile | Camera)

      $("#captured_image").attr("src", Rho.Application.expandDatabaseBlobFilePath(params["imageUri"])); 


      All this worked nicely until I updated to 5.0.2...


      Now, if I just set the SRC of an image to 'C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite5.0.2/workspace/AssetInspector/rhosimulator/db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_16.28.03_-000.JPG'  I get an error

      GET c:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite5.0.2/workspace/AssetInspector/rhosimulator/db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_15.48.35_-000.JPG  Protocol "c" is unknown


      OK, I can imagine that for whatever reason simple file paths are not accepted anymore. So I changed my function to prepend 'file:///' to the URL (also tried explicitly changing this in WebInspector - same result);

      Now I'm getting another error:

      Not allowed to load local resource: file:///C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite5.0.2/workspace/AssetInspector/rhosimulator/db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_16.28.03_-000.JPG


      It appears, that loading files locally is no longer allowed in WebView, and we must load them through web server. For now, I've come up with this workaround, that actually loads files through server:

      pictureSRC = pictureURI.sub(Rho::Application.bundleFolder,'')

      This transforms C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite5.0.2/workspace/AssetInspector/rhosimulator/db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_16.28.03_-000.JPG

      into rhosimulator/db/db-files/Image_12-01-2014_16.28.03_-000.JPG that can be used (with a leading slash '/' ! ) as picture SRC attribute (full path is still required for upload purposes).


      How do I get it right? Or is it time to update Rho Documentation/APIs?