Wavelink RFID End Of transmission on MC3190Z



I have 3 new MC3190Z with TelnetCE 7.3 installed.  I am adding the VT220 instructions to the server to capture the tags read.


All of the TelnetCE RFID configuration options are at the defaults except for:

     RFID Insert Mode is set to 'When Detected"


I send Esc("$C") to the reader to clear the tag memory

I send Esc("$1;0R")  to enable the reader and not request a reply.


I then wait for the reader to reply with the tag information

The user pulls the trigger and starts scanning.

The reader replies with the 24 character hex tag information as the tags are read.

I do not see a End Of Transmission option in the emulation configuration.  The user may scan 2 or 200 tags on 1 trigger press.


How do I sense when the user has released the trigger so I can start processing?


Thank you


Laurie Borlase.