Fusion Connection Issue in noisy RF environment?

Has anyone seen an issue with Fusion where there are repeated connect/disconnect attempts logged for approx 3mins before an initial connection (i.e. after a reboot) is established? The Fusion log looks as shown below (repeated entries like this). The profile is set for WPA Personal and this issue only appears in a noisy RF environment e.g. when it range of a lot of other AP's. Also, if I change the country code to any other setting, it will connect immediately after the change has been applied (regardless of which code is selected). I have seen this on a Rev C MC67 and also on other MC's such as the MC2180. It seems that the presence of a lot of overlapping WLAN's is affecting the WiFi association but the Fusion logging is so brief that it is hard to see exactly what is failing.


7:11:30  Negotiating keys.

17:11:34  Disconnected.

17:11:34  Using profile: GlobeSurfer

17:11:34  Setting SSID: GlobeSurfer

17:11:34  Country code set to: US

17:11:35  Associated with 00:14:a5:52:c2:cd

17:11:35  Authentication not required.

17:11:35  Negotiating keys.

17:11:39  Disconnected.

17:11:39  Using profile: GlobeSurfer

17:11:40  Setting SSID: GlobeSurfer

17:11:40  Country code set to: US

17:11:41  Associated with 00:14:a5:52:c2:cd

17:11:41  Authentication not required.

17:11:41  Negotiating keys.

17:11:45  Disconnected.