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    SAP and RhoMobile

    Uwe Stockemer



      does anybody know how it is possible to create a app for access to SAP?


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          Peter Arcuri

          Rendering SAP itsMobile is as simple as pointing your browser to the web server. You use the RhoElements Shared Runtime from RhoMobile v4.1.


          Alternatively you can use the more recent browser, which is the Enterprise Browser v1.0. More info on EB at https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/community/technologies/enterprisebrowser

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            Pietro Francesco Maggi

            Hi Uwe,

            an "app to access SAP" is a bit broad as a question :-)


            Really depends what you're looking for.


            If you want to access an SAP Web app, like SAP ITS Mobile or SAP Fiori, RhoElements v4.1 Shared Runtime, or better, our Enterprise Browser, provides an industrial Browser for our rugged devices with the possibilities to integrate barcode scanner, battery and wifi information etc.

            Given that the Enterprise Browser is based on top of the RhoMobile Suite v5.0 and add support for our Android devices, I think that is a better option than the RhoElements v4.1 Shared Runtime.


            If you want to build a mobile application to interface with a SAP backend, you can leverage the full RhoMobile Suite and in particular RhoConnect to sync the data with a mobile app (native or based on Rhodes/RhoElements) with the capability to work offline.

            You can take a look at this article on the SAP Community Network.

            This approach is relying much more on the mobile device RAM and CPU so is probably preferable to use it with newer devices, especially the one based on Android.



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              Uwe Stockemer

              Hello Pietro,

              your right :-) what i try to do or think about is to execute some transaction with the Rhoelements

              and what are the best possibility