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    Compiling a 64 bit binary for iOS

    Michael OBrien

      I am trying to compile my application as a 64 bit application for iOS. I have Xcode 6 installed on my system and have pulled Rhodes 5.0.2 from the master branch on GitHub and installed it.


      When I run rake device:iphone:production, the 32 bit binary compiles fine, but the 64 bit keeps getting caught up on:


      ../project/iphone/Rhodes/extensions.c:15:9:  error: implicit declaration of function 'rho_ruby_is_started' is invalid in C99 [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]

          if (rho_ruby_is_started()) Init_App47_extension();


      ** BUILD FAILED **

      Looking at the extensions.c file, it looks like it is generated each compile by Rhodes.


      Does anyone have any insights as how to possibly get around this issue?