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    Rhomobile Suite 5.0.25

    Jon Tara

      In case some may have missed the announcement, RhoMobile Suite 5.0.25 (also referred-to as 5.02 Service Pack 1) has been released.


      announcement (blog)



      RhoMobile Blogs


      release notes


      Motorola RhoMobile Suite



      Make sure to download from the link below, from within  Motorola Solutions Lanuchpad:


      RhoMobile Downloads


      The link on the main RhoMobile site ("download now") has NOT been updated, and is still delivering 5.0.2 (at least for OS X)


      RhoStudio - rhomobile.com Managed WordPress Site


      (Aside: might want to take "Managed WordPress Site" out of the site title...)


      Note that the version file in the Rhodes Gem was apparently updated as part of the build process and not checked-in to the git repo, and so is not correct in current GitHub repo (even current head still has "5.0.2"). Unfortunately, this means that - yet again - it is not possible to easily identify the exact git commit that the Rhodes gem was built from.