Can you help resolve the issue of multiple Symbol DS6878 devices with Cradles connected to 1 PC via USB Port that conflicts t...

Good Day,


We have 1 in-house developed application for the barcode scanners to work and be integrated with some web services we already have. The application works perfectly together with 1 scanner device connected to the Desktop or Laptop. If we connect all 8 scanners & cradles to 1 PC, application will still work fine. Data will be scanned and results will display correctly in the PC. The issue we are experiencing with multiple devices connected are the beeping sounds and the LED light showing on the gun scanners.




1. If we scan the barcode on the paper and should give the appropriate beep and LED light in the scanner, it will sound and give the light on the other scanners.

2. All scanners having this conflict issue will remain and only 1 scanner is giving the correct beep and lighting.

3. If cradles/devices are connected to a USB hub with multiple ports, devices starts to make some attach/detach beeping noise.


*We believe the PC is only detecting 1 main USB port or USB device ID used by the cradle. This main cradle somewhat acts like a brainwash to other scanners

if one of the scanners are docked on this cradle then the new scanner will be synchronized to give the appropriate beep and correct LED color status. The rest

will still have conflict issues again.


Any idea?