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    Animated GIF not displayed

    Sebastian Vajsman

      Hi folks,


      we are using EB on MC3190 and have an issue with animated GIF files in webkit mode.


      <div id="test"></div>  <style> #test{ width: 100px; height: 100px; background: url("loader.gif") center center no-repeat; } </style> 


      No image is displayed.


      As we host a web application in this case, all files are located server-side.

      Executing the same application on a desktop computer with e.g. Chrome, FF or IE the animated GIF is displayed just fine.


      What am I doing wrong?




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          Robert Galvin

          What device and what version of EB did you install? I am guessing you are using Windows Mobie/CE and IE version? The support of animated gif would be handled by the version of the rendering engine. I am not sure of the IE engine supports this on Windows Mobile/IE - The other install type uses a different Webkit (and I woud think animated gif is supported)