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    Firmware v1.2 and SDK

    Adel Sari


      The new firmware 1.2 is coming soon and will support DataWedge, as we are using (Firmware 1.1.x) and the Concierge SDK (Concierge SDK reference) for developing our apps, we have some concerns and questions,

      Whats the best (or correct) tool (EMDK for Android 3, Concierge SDK or even RhoElements) to develop on Concierge Firmware 1.2 ?

      Should we expect to change or rewrite our code already running on Concierge Firmware 1.1.x ?

      Thanks for clarifying.

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          Robert Krause

          For general development, the Concierge SDK provides access to the public APIs for our CC5000-specific value adds. For integration with barcode scanners, DataWedge is the preferred method going forward. While it is possible for DataWedge to be disabled in the event that the integrated barcode scanners are going to remain in HID keyboard mode because they're already deployed, newer devices running 1.2 from the factory will have barcode scanners which are already provisioned to work with DataWedge.


          I've attached a snippet of code that shows a method we've used in the past for adding support for DataWedge. We would set up a service with an intent-filter that we could target with a DataWedge profile. The service intents from DataWedge would start the IntentService which would then be responsible for grabbing the scan data and passing it in the format a previously existing service already expects. This allowed us to integrate DataWedge into an application without adding breaking changes in the implicit API of its manifest file. The source code would still work as it did in 1.1.